Video BIND contest

Slovak yoyo association in cooperation with proudly announces
Video BIND contest

Make a video max. 10 seconds long. The most important and rated criterion is the BIND.
We will also judge the quality of the video, its technical and artisitc processing.
Upload the video to YouTube and post its link into FB event.
All the videos will be released at least once per week as playlist which will be promoted in the FB groups and pages.
The competition ends on the 31st of January 2018
Links submitted after the 31st of Januaray 2018 will not be accepted into the competition.
Organizer will evaluate the results and announce the results in the event within 7 days after the end of the competition.
Likes will be evaluated separately.
Creator of the best video (according to the referees and likes) is going to win a set of 40 strings made according to his/her own color design and a yoyo.
The contesters who come in second and third will be rewarded by 20 strings from each. reserves the right to further process the videos.
Videos sorted by Sign date :

My video is here (binds to contest starts in 0.06)

Uverejnil používateľ Dávid Drienovský Streda 31. januára 2018



SYN 2017

It all began in 2008 and this year we have 10. Slovak yoyo nationals!!!
We would love to see you all in the end of october to have some yoyo party with us.
SYN17 28.10.2017
1A begginers
1A semi pro
X Division
If you register before 10.10. the registration fee is 10€
After this day it is 15€
If you want to compeet in two categories it is extra 50%.
After the contest we will have some beer for great price and awesome time �!
Looking forward to all of you yoyo people
You look FB event

EYYC 2017 – Results


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