SYN 2017

It all began in 2008 and this year we have 10. Slovak yoyo nationals!!!
We would love to see you all in the end of october to have some yoyo party with us.
SYN17 28.10.2017
1A begginers
1A semi pro
X Division
If you register before 10.10. the registration fee is 10€
After this day it is 15€
If you want to compeet in two categories it is extra 50%.
After the contest we will have some beer for great price and awesome time �!
Looking forward to all of you yoyo people
You look FB event

TOP 10 views EYYC 2017 Slovakia

Here you can find TOP 10 videos from this year championship EYYC.

94 887 views EYYC 2017 1A Open Final 1st Evan Nagao

10 248 views EYYC 2017 1A Final 1st Tal Mordoch

8 413 views  EYYC 2017 1A Open Final 2nd Andrew Maider

6 688 views  EYYC 2017 1A Final 3rd Janos Karancz

6 002 views  EYYC 2017 4A Final 1st Quentin Godet

5 529 views  EYYC 2017 1A Final 2nd Konstantin Tudjarov

2 208 views  EYYC 2017 1A Final 8th Jakub Dekan

2 060 views  EYYC 2017 1A Open Final 3rd Colin Beckford

1 783 views  EYYC 2017 1A Semifinal 1st – Michal Malík

1 771 views  EYYC 2017 1A Semifinal 4th – Janos Karancz

Playlist here:

EYYC 2017 – Results


EYYC 2017 1A Final

Playlist 1A Final

EYYC 2017 2A Final

Playlist 2A Final


EYYC 2017 3A Final

Playlist 3A

EYYC 2017 4A Final

Playlist 4A


EYYC 2017 5A Final

Playlist 5A


Playlist Women

EYYC 2017 1A Open

Playlist 1A Open



EYYC 2017 1A Semifinal


EYYC 2017 SpinTop


EYYC 2017 1A Junior Final

Playlist 1A Junior