Challenge for SLUSNY15K Video Contest EN

Hi all yoyoer´s & non yoyoer´s
I have wish.
Can you share this challenge and send me short video? Thanks.

I have challenge for you. You share this challenge, please.
Teach and film some with responsive yoyo do the easiest trick: throw yoyo and catch it back to your hand.
Video with this easy and short trick, please send to
You can send more emails=videos.
Teach your grandma, neighbour, teacher, professor, school mate or even police officer. Really anyone with wants to participated in challenge.

What is your goal?
Bring awareness of yoyo and yoyoing to more people. We want to collect as many as possible of these short videos and put them all together in one video, which will be presented at yoyo contest SLUSNY15K Video Contest.
I am looking forward for your videos 😉